Sunday, September 18, 2011

New camera

It was my birthday and I decided to buy myself a new camera.
I had been wanting to upgrade for a while already and when a good deal came along, I just went ahead and did. Not that there was anything wrong with my old camera, Nikon D80, but I felt like I have taken some steps forward with my photography during the past few months and that I deserve an upgrade - and even need it what comes to certain things.

So I bought a Nikon D300S.
I haven't been shooting that much with it yet but so far I'm loving it.
I shoot indoors a lot and I don't like using flash, so I use high ISO a lot. That was a bit of an issue with the D80 because the photos with high ISO were quite noisy. With the D300S it's completely different. High ISO noise is minimal - it's beautiful.

I also got this book, David Busch's "Nikon D300S Guide to Digital SLR Photography".
It's great, much better than the actual manual of the camera, and I'm expecting to be taking much better pictures once I've finished reading it.

For now, I leave you with this:

K this morning, just after waking up, having breakfast.

Friday, September 9, 2011


During the past year or so it has creeped into me...

The love for Marimekko's Bottna.

Both the fabrics and the Iittala dinnerware.

It's simple, elegant, beautiful.

We are going to upholster our sofa and two armchairs with the black & white Bottna fabric, like this:

And we are going to combine the Bottna dinnerware with Iittala's Teema dinnerware in black (Bottna dinnerware is based on Teema, so they match perfectly):

Introducing A

Last night I took some pictures of my husband A.
I used my new Lensbaby Muse and my dear old manual Vivitar lens.

I wanted to write some kind of an introduction of him but after writing and deleting, writing and deleting, I decided to just say that he has the most photogenic face ever.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oil color painting

Today, all of a sudden, I got this idea that I should let K try my old oil colors.
She loved it! Now she keeps asking all the time if she can paint again, so we will be needing some more supplies very soon...

I used to enjoy painting with oil colors a lot. I'd say oil was probably my favorite medium. But I have to admit that during the past few years I haven't been painting at all. I have been busy with life in general and I've been concentrating on some other hobbies instead of art...

But seeing how excited K was got me all inspired again, so maybe I'm going to paint together with her one of these days. I love being able to share creativity with my child in such a manner because secretly both me and my husband have always wanted our children to be artistic since we both share the same passion for art.

Anyway, here it is:

K's first ever oil color painting.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday photo walk

On Sundays we often used to go out for long walks together.
It hasn't been happening that much after S was born but maybe now we'll get back to our routine...

We live near a lake and there's this lovely path along the shoreline.

Today was a beautiful fall day, sunny and warm but not so very hot anymore.
I really like these photos - they capture the atmosphere of the day quite nicely.