Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oil color painting

Today, all of a sudden, I got this idea that I should let K try my old oil colors.
She loved it! Now she keeps asking all the time if she can paint again, so we will be needing some more supplies very soon...

I used to enjoy painting with oil colors a lot. I'd say oil was probably my favorite medium. But I have to admit that during the past few years I haven't been painting at all. I have been busy with life in general and I've been concentrating on some other hobbies instead of art...

But seeing how excited K was got me all inspired again, so maybe I'm going to paint together with her one of these days. I love being able to share creativity with my child in such a manner because secretly both me and my husband have always wanted our children to be artistic since we both share the same passion for art.

Anyway, here it is:

K's first ever oil color painting.

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