Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!
Today it's also our 7th anniversary.
We met at a Halloween party in Budapest seven years ago.
So this is our 8th Halloween together.

We are going to celebrate both Halloween and our anniversary on the weekend.
Today we just put up some decorations.
K loves candles and Halloween stuff (can you tell she is our girl?), so now she would like to just stay on the balcony and look at the candles in the dark...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Double stroller

We bought a double stroller so that it would be easier for me to take the children out while A is at work.
It already arrived at the end of last week but we were sick and could only go out today.
Definitely worth the wait (and the money), and apparently designed by a photographer...

...since a camera bag fits in perfectly.

K wants to walk most of the time, of course, but with the double stroller we can make longer walks without having to worry about how to get her home when she refuses to walk further... And it will be very nice going out all of us on the weekends because while A is pushing the stroller I can concentrate on taking pictures instead of dragging another empty stroller in my hand.

So, speaking of taking pictures, here's some from today:

Acrylic painting

K got acrylic paints and two canvases as a birthday present from our neighbors.

I must have mentioned to them how K loves to paint with water colors (and that she even tried oil colors, as you know from my previous post) - what a thoughtful gift!

K loved it too. As soon as she got home from their place, she wanted to paint.

She chose the colors herself - looks like she's got a bit of an autumn colors phase going on, doesn't it?

Now the painting is next to her oil color work, waiting to be framed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Children's room at night

It only looks like this in the children's room at night, of course.
At other times the toys are on the floor or piled up on the couch or wherever but not in a nice arrangement like this.
Yes, all those photos you see in magazines where one toy, puzzle or whatever is seemingly carelessly tossed on the floor are staged. (At least I really want to believe they are!)

I'm working on a few projects in the children's room as well.
Some weeks ago I added the sticker letters to the chest of drawers. The locks still need to be taken out and replaced with knobs.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kill your darlings

The dark wood wall paneling was one of the reasons we initially fell in love with this apartment.
But now it has to go.
I want something fresher and cleaner looking.
So I'm painting it white.
I'm killing my darling. (What a fantastic saying, by the way. I think it applies to almost everything in life!)



More pictures to come once I make some progress with this project.
But I have to say, the white panel really does bring out the shades of grey we chose for the walls. I love it!
It also brings out the ugly color of the radiators and window frames, so those too will be needing a round of fresh white paint in the future.