Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Frosty Sunday

It's about time I make another "Sunday Photo Walk" post.
(Or any post, for that matter. I have taken pictures for many posts but have lacked time and energy for posting them.)

So here are some photos I took last Sunday.
Weather's gotten colder lately, so there was frost everywhere.

...and even some ice on the lake.

Sunday night it snowed for the first time this winter.
It was already in the air during the day...

...even if there were hardly any clouds in the sky.

We had to dig up the children's winter clothes...

S seemed to sleep better in the crispy cold air.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Educational charts

Today we got a bunch of vintage educational charts.

Some will definitely find their way onto our wall.
Like this one with Australian Aborigines...

It reminds me of when I lived in Australia.

Or this one with worms...

It's surprisingly creepy considering it's just worms.

But for now they are just stacked against the wall in the living room where we can admire them and plan where to place them.

Behind the charts you can see some of the panel I've painted so far.
It's slow work and the moldings are still missing but we really like how it's starting to look.
Pardon the floor, by the way. It looks horrible, and come spring, we are going to change the flooring to this:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

All Saints' Day Cemetery Visit

Today we visited the cemetery.
Not particularly because it's All Saints' Day - we just happen to like cemeteries and today was a good time because of all the beautiful candles there.

In retrospect, it might have been better going on another day, or at least later in the evening, because the place was packed with people and I didn't manage to take that many good pictures.

But K really loved it, especially with all the candles and little angel statues everywhere. (She thought that they are dolls, by the way - a true heretic child, just like her parents, haha!)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Birkapörkölt aka Lamb Stew

Today I prepared some Hungarian Lamb Stew for our anniversary dinner.
The recipe is from this wonderful book my sister-in-law's mother gave to us when we visited Hungary back in 2009. 

Lamb Stew
 1 kg lamb on the bone
100 g lard
2 onions
1 glove garlic
a pinch of ground cumin
2 green peppers
2 tomatoes
200 ml dry red wine
ground paprika
Finely chop the onions and brown in hot lard. Add the ground cumin and the crushed glove of garlic, then sprinkle with ground paprika, pour some water on top and bring to the boil. Add the cubed lamb still on the bone, then season with salt, cover and simmer for a while. Finally, add the green pepper and tomato cubes and the red wine, then bring to the boil. Season with hot paprika to taste. Serve hot, with any of the following: dumplings, 'tarhonya' pasta (a kind of pasta resembling very large-grained couscous) or boiled potatoes.

I modified the recipe a bit, and served it with paprika potatoes instead of any of the recommended sidedishes but it was so delicious nevertheless!