Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bedroom photos & plans

I've been thinking a lot about our bedroom's design since we got the wooden birds and I started painting the panels, so I felt like taking some pictures and putting into words some of my plans.

First thing I decided about the bedroom was that I wanted Cole & Son's 'Woods' wallpaper in there. Everything else has come after and has had to fit in with the wallpaper.

The lampshade is a secondhand find from the net. I like it but lately I've been thinking about changing it into something different. What I really love is La Petite Volière by Mathieu Challières:

I've even been thinking about making an imitation of it myself. It shouldn't be too difficult but we shall see if it's what we want in the end...
We had one of my photographs printed on a canvas and hung it on the wall. I took it last winter from our balcony.

On the other side of the window we'll probably put shelves and the wooden birds. I still haven't decided whether to go with simple shelves painted with the same colors as the walls or with box shelves using leftover wallpapers as background. Here's an example of what I mean:

 As I mentioned, the bedroom door has a wallpaper with birds on it. I guess that was where the bird theme started. It looks nice and adds a little color to the Woods wallpaper which is black and white.

 I designed the look of our wardrobe. It looked horrible when we bought the place but now it's so much better. We repainted it with a shade of grey, put the mirrors in a nice arrangement and changed the handles. It's still old, of course, but a little facelift went a long way! Unfortunately I don't have any good 'before' photos right now for comparison.

The ceiling panels are perhaps the only thing we really like of the choices the previous owner made. They are big and simple, white with natural-looking patterns on them - we won't be changing them, even if almost everything else has been, and will be, changed!

Before christmas we moved the bed in front of the window.

 That seems to be the right place for the bed but of course we'll still have to move all the furniture one more time when we change the flooring. In the bedroom we are planning to go with Parador's 'Wine & Fruits' in black:

I think the bedspread is too restless right now. Maybe we'll go with a simple black one instead.
And we need a red pillow or something on the bed since a couple of weeks ago we decided to use this old rug in the bedroom. Someone gave it to us for free, it's black with red stripes, so we might be adding some red details in the bedroom to make it fit with the rug.

The bench or whatever you want to call it, I think it used to be a TV table, was originally made by my father.
Some months ago I painted it with some leftover paints and used leftover pieces of the Woods wallpaper for the sides - I really love how it turned out! But again, I don't have any 'before' photos to show you the difference.

By the way, my father also made a bedside table of the same 'series' but I didn't want to ask yet if we could have it. I feel bad that I always go everywhere and pick what I want and leave everyone else with crap - that's how I feel anyway, haha! Even if I'm sure my father would happily give me the little table as well.

I guess I love decorating the bedroom now that S started sleeping in the children's room and his bed isn't in our bedroom anymore. Now we have more space, and it's amazing to get a decent sleep again!

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