Saturday, December 17, 2011


These wooden birds were made by my grandfather.
He made a lot of them and I've always loved them.
Recently my father gave me four.

My grandfather himself gave me one.
A little yellow chick which is still in my parents' house - I never seem to remember to bring it home.
But right now these four birds do just fine...

...and look damn fine with this skull replica I bought for A for his birthday.

At the moment they grace our bookshelf...

...which, by the way, I designed, and my father crafted.

Maybe crafting runs in the family...

Eventually they'll be finding their place in our bedroom which has kind of a bird theme going on.
The door has a wallpaper (is it called a doorpaper then, I don't know) with birds on it.
And I'm thinking about getting a cuckoo clock or a lampshade with birds.
And maybe some pillows, if only I could find a fabric with birds that I actually like...

PS. I'll be posting more pictures of the bookshelf and the bedroom sometime - just right now there isn't much to show, I'm still working on the panels, plus there's a lot of other little things to do.

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