Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Photo Walk

Time for another Sunday Photo Walk post.
It's been snowing a lot lately and finally it feels like winter.

K likes walks but she isn't happy about the fact that all the toys in the sandbox (and the sand itself!) are now frozen - I guess she'd prefer playing in the sandbox instead of taking walks. Especially now that it's too cold to make a snowman or anything.


S has also started really enjoying walks.
He likes to look around and usually only falls asleep when we are almost back at home.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tea time

Lately we've been drinking tea instead of coffee.
I've been a real caffeine junkie for the most part of my adult life, so I felt I needed a break from coffee again.

A bought some Acacia honey. I had never tasted it before but he said it's the best - and he was right!
And funny enough, it's made in Hungary.
The tea we like the most is Pickwick but you can't find it here, so we have to just wait until A's little brother and his wife will send us some...

A bought me the white roses for New Year.