Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hallowed Be Thy Name

S loves Iron Maiden.

It's pretty awesome how, thanks to the children, we've started listening again to a lot of stuff that had been long forgotten by us. Old metal and rock seem to be something children (at least ours, ha!) really enjoy!

On the above pictures S & A are listening to "Hallowed Be Thy Name".
And it sounds surprisingly fresh and fun!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Out At Sunset

Today we went out at sunset.
It was so nice we decided we should do it more often.
I also took K to the library today.
She loved the books we got for her.
Next time I'll bring my camera with me and shoot some photos of her in the magical world of books!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rebel Yell

"He lives in his own heaven
Collects it to go from the seven eleven..."
"Well, he's out all night to collect a fare..."
"Just so long, just so long it don't mess up his hair!"

S is already nine months old.
Today we decided to finally lower his crib after, instead of taking a nap, he started reaching out for toys over the edge of the bed.
As you can see, being able to do so made him very happy - but now the fun is over, my boy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Fox Dress

I ordered this fox dress for K a couple of weeks ago,
and yesterday it finally arrived!
(I say 'finally' because I couldn't wait to see what it looks like in reality
- and it was even more beautiful than in the pictures!)


It's made by Wild Things dresses: http://www.etsy.com/shop/wildthingsdresses


All I can say is, this has to be the cutest dress I've ever seen...


 And what's more is that K really loves it too.

 I'll most certainly be ordering more dresses from this amazingly talented lady in the future!


I've started knitting again.
It had been over ten years since I knitted the last time but it didn't feel like that.
Everything came back to me right away which felt amazing.
Yes, this is something I can do!

Right now I'm working on a cardigan for K.

The pattern is from a book which features designs from 1930's to 1950's.
I love the book but unfortunately the patterns are for babies and toddlers only, up to 1½ or 2 years of age, not for bigger children. But I modified the pattern a bit and I'm hoping it'll fit K. If not, there is always S to wear it!

I chose a thread with colors that fit both genders and probably will do the same with most of the things I'll be knitting in the future. That way K can wear the clothes first and S after her. (At least in theory, maybe there will come a time he won't want to wear his sister's old clothing anymore, haha!)

In the evenings, after the children have gone to bed, nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the couch with a knitwork and having a conversation with A while sipping on a glass of red wine... (During the day I hardly ever have time to knit, so I have to admit, the above picture is staged, ha!)