Saturday, March 24, 2012

At The Library

 I took K again to the library today.

We returned the books we got the last time...

 ...and got a bunch of new ones.

This time I had trouble persuading her to leave the place...

 ...'cause she would have just wanted to stay there and look at all the books.

 There was also a puzzle on the table... finally we agreed that she makes the puzzle and then we leave.

All the way home she was kinda grumpy...

...but I think she still enjoyed taking a walk.

The weather is getting warmer... this might have been one of our last chances to wear our fur boots!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blackout Poetry

PARTIALLY WRONG / measuring numbers / filled with errors / not knowing the amount / already seeing there's no way of getting information / that's when we bundle everything together

I decided to give newspaper blackout a try.
I like it a lot.
I used to write poetry but haven't written anything in a long while.
This gave me inspiration, and a way of writing without actually writing, you know.

EVERY THIRD / more than one third doesn't believe / two out of five think / that every fourth doesn't think

Unfortunately these are in Finnish but I'll try to find some English magazines or articles lying around and make some English ones, too. I added little translations to the captions but they aren't that good, really.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Mohawk Time, Baby!

We gave S a haircut a little while back.
Now it's mohawk time in the family!
(No, me and K are not gonna try it, haha!)

 It looks so cute on S, and people say it really fits him.
We think so too!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Krtek's House

Last night I stayed up late building a house for K's Krtek, aka the Mole.

 I made it out of cardboard boxes, wallpaper pieces,
and basically everything I could find around the house.

The table is a ribbon roll and the plate is a lid of a baby food jar.

We bought the little cat paintings when we visited Prague. Now they finally found their place!

I cut the bed out of a small cardboard box and wallpapered it, and knitted the blanket from leftover thread.

I'm still planning to work on the roof and add the nest and the birds there.

The little bottle is an old pharmacy bottle.

Do I even need to tell you if K loved the house or not...?

It was so worth it, seeing her face in the morning, even if I'm a little tired now, haha!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Package From Hungary

A couple of days ago we got a package from K's godparents in Hungary.
It was lovely and made me miss Budapest so bad...

They sent us Unicum, a Hungarian herbal bitters which me and A really love.

They also sent us ground paprika. That and tea were the only things we actually asked (or more like, begged, haha!) them to send because the ground paprika just isn't that good over here.

K was very excited about the package, of course.
The mailman brought it early in the morning and we had to open it right away before having breakfast or anything.

This Hungarian story book and the little piggy were meant for S
but it was too late to explain it to K when she saw them!

Thank you so much for everything, guys!
Now it's our turn to prepare a package for our Hungarian goddaughter...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today a blacksmith visited A's workplace to show them how to forge and stuff.

 When A came home, he surprised me with a ring he forged for me!

It's really gorgeous, and the pattern on it looks like tree trunks in a forest.

I can only say that I love this ring!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Between Winter And Spring

 It's the season between winter and spring.

 Icy and slippery, yet sunny and bright.

 Bare and naked, yet there's a promise of something new...

 Something worth waiting for...

Honestly, I really can't wait for spring!
And I think K feels the same.

Last time we were out she fell down many times,
and now she isn't too enthused over going out.

I would be, actually, but I'm back to work now and it's taking a lot of my time - add to that being sick, and you can imagine there isn't a lot going on here these days.

But let's not forget today was Women's Day!
A bought me orange roses to mark the occasion,
and we had a nice day despite my sickness and tight work schedule.
I might post some photos at some later point...

But for now, Happy Women's Day!
And enjoy the upcoming spring!