Thursday, March 8, 2012

Between Winter And Spring

 It's the season between winter and spring.

 Icy and slippery, yet sunny and bright.

 Bare and naked, yet there's a promise of something new...

 Something worth waiting for...

Honestly, I really can't wait for spring!
And I think K feels the same.

Last time we were out she fell down many times,
and now she isn't too enthused over going out.

I would be, actually, but I'm back to work now and it's taking a lot of my time - add to that being sick, and you can imagine there isn't a lot going on here these days.

But let's not forget today was Women's Day!
A bought me orange roses to mark the occasion,
and we had a nice day despite my sickness and tight work schedule.
I might post some photos at some later point...

But for now, Happy Women's Day!
And enjoy the upcoming spring!

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