Friday, March 16, 2012

Krtek's House

Last night I stayed up late building a house for K's Krtek, aka the Mole.

 I made it out of cardboard boxes, wallpaper pieces,
and basically everything I could find around the house.

The table is a ribbon roll and the plate is a lid of a baby food jar.

We bought the little cat paintings when we visited Prague. Now they finally found their place!

I cut the bed out of a small cardboard box and wallpapered it, and knitted the blanket from leftover thread.

I'm still planning to work on the roof and add the nest and the birds there.

The little bottle is an old pharmacy bottle.

Do I even need to tell you if K loved the house or not...?

It was so worth it, seeing her face in the morning, even if I'm a little tired now, haha!

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