Thursday, March 15, 2012

Package From Hungary

A couple of days ago we got a package from K's godparents in Hungary.
It was lovely and made me miss Budapest so bad...

They sent us Unicum, a Hungarian herbal bitters which me and A really love.

They also sent us ground paprika. That and tea were the only things we actually asked (or more like, begged, haha!) them to send because the ground paprika just isn't that good over here.

K was very excited about the package, of course.
The mailman brought it early in the morning and we had to open it right away before having breakfast or anything.

This Hungarian story book and the little piggy were meant for S
but it was too late to explain it to K when she saw them!

Thank you so much for everything, guys!
Now it's our turn to prepare a package for our Hungarian goddaughter...

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