Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recent projects part 2

Here comes the Recent Projects Living Room & Kitchen Edition!
To be honest, our living room doesn't look like this anymore since we got a new couch and armchairs a couple of weeks ago but you get the idea.

 A while back we added this long shelf above the windows. It reaches all the way from the kitchen to the living room. Basically I just wanted it for my collection of old bottles. I started to have too many bottles to store them on the bookshelf, and this long shelf is perfect for them.

 I've also painted these water lily murals on the living room / kitchen wall under the shelf. (More about that in a minute.) The clock is an original 60s clock which we have to wind once a week. I love the simple design and the nostalgic feeling you get when you wind it but admittedly we've forgotten to wind it a couple of times.

This lamp arrangement above our kitchen table is made out of three old lampshades. The white one still has its original color, the other two used to be orange and red. I never seem to manage to take 'before' photos when I get excited about a project but I'll try to remember to do so next time I start working on something, so that I can show you the whole process!

Here's another photo of the water lily mural. Inspired by it, I thought it might be fun to paint the radiators with a matching pattern.

So far I've finished the kitchen radiator and I decided to paint only buds instead of actual leaves because it fits the radiator better and also because the radiators are below the big murals, so it's kinda like they'd be underwater.

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