Monday, February 17, 2014

White roses

K wanted roses for Valentine's Day.
She was very persistent about it and reminded her father several times in case he'd forget.
I gotta tell you, the future boyfriends of this girl ain't gonna have it easy, haha!

PS. One of the lenses I used when shooting these photos was the Lensbaby Muse that I haven't used in ages. I even considered selling it but I might give it another chance because this time using it seemed more enjoyable and easier than the previous times. But still it's probably never going to become a favorite for me.

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  1. She looks lovely, as usual! The lensbaby is great for "creative" type of shots or when you're not so sure what you want, haha. Vignette blur and there you go! But I guess the muse is a bit hard to handle, as we've talked about before, I own the composer and I guess it's a bit better as you don't have to struggle to focus. Anyway, have you ever seen the edge 80 optics they're released a year or so ago? It's brilliant!